Michael (MERJr.) Robinson

Hi, I'm Mike.  I founded Croc Society in 2014, and after I published                                       I began to go door to door selling paperback copies.  I soon noticed that about 50% of the people that opened their door, and did not want to purchase a book told me that they didn't read or did not have time to read.  So then I would ask them if they had any kids 13 years or over that like to read in the house.  Most of the time, that same 50% group would answer "nope they don't read like that either" with a sad smirk on their face.

Some people didn't have the money or just wasn't interested but that 50% or more really wasn't reading and neither was their kids.  I know for a fact that the majority of these folk were tired from probably working two jobs and find it hard to make time to read or coerce their kids to read so that why I came up with the Create Reflexive Reading Oppertunities Campaign.
(C.R.R.O.C)  The program creates situations that causes a desired reflex to remind someone to read or remind their child to read.  The program also helps to promote a feeling of empowerment by being part of something bigger than themselves.  Every campaign is promoted and distributed at no cost in  neighborhoods determined by school zones.

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Michael (MERJr.) Robinson

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